The Feather and Father Gang

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The idea for Feather and Father Gang came from the series SWITCH which starred Robert Wagner. Episodes were never aired consistently (at a regularly scheduled time) and, as a result, was never able to acquired a fan base. The series ended after 13 episodes.







Stefanie Powers

Role: Toni Feather Danton

The Feather and Father Gang Stefanie Powers

Harold Gould

Role: Harry Danton

The Feather and Father Gang Harold Gould

William Bassett

Role: "Huff" Huffaker


Jessica Rains

Role: Jesse

Lewis Charles Role: Lou  
Joan Shawlee Role: Margo  
Monte Landis Role: Michael  
Dick O'Neill Role: Murphy  
Frank Delfino Role: Enzo  
Edward Winter Role: Deputy D.A. J.C. Hadley  
  Stefanie Powers 2009
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